Jazzo Bodysophy School

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Jazzo  Bodysophy School

Jazzo Bodysophy is  self-health management program  , based on New Life Structure  ideology   and integration of it with Jazzo Dance Biomechanics.

Bodysophy is a open source health & lifestyle ideology,a new life structure created  by Yasha J.Michelson. This ideology is motivated by the challenges of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in modern society despite its intensity and complexities. While most health and fitness systems require individuals to change to their daily routine, purchase an “necessary tool” or membership, adopt a diet and exercise regimen, and demand time,  Bodysophy does not impose any change in one’s daily routine. The Bodysophy ideology is an open-source system, a model for an individual to adapt to the habits of his/her lifestyle and health condition. Bodysophy is founded on the universal needs of a contemporary person to take care of his/her health in any place at any given time.

The contemporary individual is constantly bombarded with an abundance of information – it is difficult to shift through it all. Bodysophy gathers strengths from proven wellness methods and and offers people only the necessary, accessible components. Bodysophy is a method of self-health management for your body, which optimizes and supports physical and mental health people at the individual and group levels. The objective of Bodysophy is to develop an awareness of the aesthetics of the body through natural movement-based physical activity and self-observation.

Jazzo BodyCulture is ideology of health and well being based on importance of an external look (appearance) of contemprorary person.

Health is balance between internal feel and external look

Main Key element  of  Bodysophy


  • Health is a balance between your internal state and your external look. If you look good, there is a chance that you feel good.External look comprises the physicality of the body and the way the body is presented within different social environments. The body is the natural indicator of our health and well-being.
  • Aesthetic Body is a key to health .Beautiful body ,beautiful mind          Naturally  developed body versus developed body in gyms is a key health objective 
  • Motivation is continuous observation of your external look .if you happy with result and your look -you ll be motivated  to commit to conduct healthily life consistently
  • Resolution,commitment ,motivation and effort 
  • You don’t need to know a lot to live healthy
  • You don’t need to buy anything to live healthy
  • Combine activities . Go out and work out .
  • Change the way you look into mirror 
  • Count and measure your physical activity and your physical frame differently /






10 keys of nutrition based on what not to eat or to do.


Natural physical activity  based on adaptation of dance biomechanics to the daily lifestyle .

Jazzo activity on group or individual level.


Social life / social resonance 

Family,friends circle 


Anxiety neutral comfort zone

a.Your home ,or any  preferable place anxiety free

As spa,home,museum,cafes

b.  Physical comfort zone


 Comfort zone:  lifestyle achievement



Nature ,Art ,Hobby


Selfstudy / Self observation

“WORK”  -daily retreat

30 min -Set of rules and practices ,to conduct self study and observation



Jazzo Bodysophy offers classes in movement-based physical activity to address the health concerns of the modern individual. Each  class consists of the four main reserved TEXT small text jazzo WHITE modules”

1. “Fireball Technique” (reserved TEXT small text jazzo WHITE dance biomechanics basics)
2.  RhythmoTherapy “Dance Hard” (cardio movement)
3. ” Jazzo in Slow Motion”  (meditative aerobics)
4. “reserved TEXT small text jazzo WHITEJazzo  Floor Work” (support + resistance workout)

In addition to its individual classes, reserved TEXT small text jazzo WHITE  is developing an education Certification Program for reserved TEXT small text jazzo WHITE instruction.

Stay tuned for more information. Feel free to connect with us through email info[at]jazzo.co with questions and comments.